Yellow Fly Control Services

yellow fly unaware of blue fly swatter behind itAdult yellow flies can be identified by their 3/8 inch size and predominately yellow color, although the sides of their abdomens are black as well as their front legs and wings. They typically can be found around the Southeastern part of the United States, all the way from New Jersey to Texas. Meaning, living here in Alabama we are no stranger to these pesky flies! With the peak season for yellow flies taking place from April to June in our area, they can really ruin outdoor fun.

Yellow Flies Will Take a Bite Out of Your Backyard

Just like female mosquitoes, female flies bite in order to get needed nutrients and develop eggs and those bites often cause large and itchy swellings. Although they can bite during the day, they are most active later evening or on more cloudy days. Mosquito repellents that contain DEET are known to be a moderate adult yellow fly deterrent as well.
The entire life cycle of a yellow fly takes about one year to complete. After yellow flies’ mate, females will lay their eggs on plants, rocks, sticks, or any other object found over water. Once they hatch, about 5 to 12 days later, the larvae make their way into the water source. Mature larvae will make their way back to drier soil and go into the pupa stage. This stage is a resting period before they become full adults.

Mosquito Joe of Gulf Coast Alabama Helps Control Yellow Flies in Your Outdoor Spaces

Our Mosquito Joe technician will strategically place traps around your outdoor space, focusing on the edge of wood lines. These traps have a sticky exterior that attracts yellow flies and once they land, they become stuck. The frequency of replacement for these traps varies, depending on the population in your yard and other environmental factors.

Contact Mosquito Joe of Gulf Coast Alabama at 251-272-4950 and we’ll work with you to determine the best solution to a bite-free yard!