Misting systems give you continuous outdoor pest repellent.

Mosquito Joe’s mission is to offer you the best outdoor pest control solutions possible to prevent pesky mosquitoes from compromising your outdoor enjoyment. In some situations, a more mosquito-joe-technicianpermanent automatic misting system is the most fitting solution for you to control mosquitoes. Mosquito Joe can install a system for stable and prolonged defense against mosquitoes, helping keep your decks, pool, patio, grilling area, or any other outdoor area bite-free.

Mosquito Joe of Gulf Coast Alabama proudly offers mosquito misting systems designed specifically for your property’s unique needs. Strategically placed nozzles release a misting spray several times daily for less than a minute and come with a remote control to allow for additional sprays during periods of higher mosquito pressure. Mosquito Joe will fill, service, and maintain the system for you throughout the year. These systems also have the capability to shut off immediately when leaks or damage are detected. After completing a professional installation, we provide customer training on the use of the system and provide ongoing support through refills and maintenance.

Benefits of a misting system include:

  • No need to schedule services, the system will notify the office when refills are needed, and if there are any issues with the system.
  • Year-long control, which is great during our warmer winters.
  • Easy to use remote to allow additional sprays during periods of high mosquito pressure after storms, or prior to any special parties.
  • Potentially increase the value of your home.

Here are just a few advantages our misting systems have to offer:

  • Fully digital module control with advanced capabilities, such as leak detection and notifying of refill needs.
  • Nickel-plated nozzles strategically installed in your backyard.
  • Weather-resistant and tamper-proof with a lockable enclosure.
  • Each system is equipped with remote control, providing added convenience for additional treatments.

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Not quite ready for a full misting system?

Mosquito Joe can still rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes, fleas, ticks with our barrier treatment; a spray on a rotating 3-week cycle that makes outside fun again!

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